God will be there.

You will be prayed for.

It will bring joy to your life.

It will be a pleasant experience.

You’ll receive love from other people.

It will help give you a sense of purpose.

You will enjoy the Punjabi Style Worship.

You will experience the Presence of Jesus.

You will be encouraged in your walk with God.

Growth of the fruit of the Holy Spirit will likely happen.

All the meetings are in English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu.

You will likely have some of life big questions answered.

The preaching of the Cross will help set direction for your life.

You’ll have the opportunity to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

If you have kids, it will teach them to value God and His Church


Expect God’s Touch.

It will give you eternal hope.

It may keep you out of trouble.

It will help you understand the Bible.

It will shape your vision of the future.

It will help you re-order your priorities.

It helps to promote a happy marriage.

It will remind you that you’re not alone.

You will surly make some new friends.

A miracle you need may come to pass.

It will help the process of sanctification.

It will literally change your life for eternity!

It helps you to be in the world, but not of it.

It will help you be a better member of your local community.

The gathering of God’s people will help draw you closer to God.